Monday, June 4, 2012

Lazy Peter and His Three-Cornered Hat

Reader’s Response:

Title: Lazy Peter and His Three-Cornered Hat

Genre: Fantasy

Student’s Name: Beatriz Zambrano Serrano

Pages: 836-839

1.      Identify and explain the meaning of a symbol in the story.

The bags of money represent the trick that Peter plays on the greedy, rich farmer.

2.     State the theme and defend it in a paragraph.

Be happy and satisfied with what you have, don’t try to have more and more because greediness ends badly.

3.     Describe the main internal and external conflict.

The external conflict is between Lazy Peter and the farmer. The farmer wants more money so he tells Peter to prove that whenever he puts his hat on, people give him money.

The rich farmer has an internal conflict in whether to believe it or not.  He finally believes it, though.

4.     Compare the lesson learned to a similar lesson you or someone you know has experienced.

When I was four, my uncle gave me two coins with one euro in each one. I had two euros in total. Then, my cousin came and he told me that he would give me three coins of fifty cents each. He said “Three coins are more than two. I am practically giving you more money.” I was so innocent and happy that I accepted. Then, my other cousin came and told me “Bea, I’ll give you five coins if you give me your three coins.” I was so amazed and thought that she was so stupid, so I traded it. However, she gave five coins of five cents each.  I started having two euros, and ended having twenty five cents. When my dad found out, he made my cousins give me the money back. But, I learned that it doesn’t matter the number of coins, what matters is the value of those coins

5.     Compare the symbols in this story to a similar symbol in your life or someone you know.

In biblical references greediness is represented by a frog. However, in some mythology greediness is represented by a dragon. There are not a lot of symbols to represent greediness, beside money.
6.     Compare the struggle in the story to a similar struggle you or someone you know has experienced.

Well, like I said my struggle with my cousins was practically the same as Lazy Peter’s struggle with the rich farmer.

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